You Won’t Believe What Shah Rukh Khan Lovingly Calls AbRam!


A well known Superstar Shah Rukh Khan loves his three children equally and also revealed that for him, his elder son Aryan is a "dude", his daughter Suhana a "pretty lady" and the youngest of the siblings AbRam a "little gangster" on Friday.

Shahrukh’s youngest son AbRam loves the fact that people like him and respect his father, he said.

"When there is Eid, Diwali or my birthday, people usually come outside my house and they shout and take my name. And their voices can be heard inside the house. When AbRam hears it, he says 'Papa bachas have come'," Shah Rukh said .


"I was working till late night, so I thought I will meet you (media and fans) bit late, but he (AbRam) came to my room and said 'papa bachas have come'. I don't know how he feels it as he is small. But he respects the fact that people love and respect me from outside the house. He makes it a point and holds my hand and takes me to the balcony," he added.

The "Don" said that he loves to play with toys due to AbRam.

"I have got lot more toys like cycle, etc. I have an excuse to buy toys in the name of AbRam and play it myself," he adds.

"It is not possible to say who is pampered more or who is close as I love them equally they are my children. I hope they love me equally as we love them," he added.

Right now, Shah Rukh Khan is collaborating with director Imtiaz Ali for his next upcoming movie. He said that the film is "not a young and upbeat lovestory".

"He (Imtiaz Ali) said one day I want to do a film with you. I told him I am in happy zone, so want to do a happy film. He has a different language of love. It's a love story, but keeping my age in mind, it's not a young upbeat love story. He has a nice take," Shah Rukh said.

Shahrukh will be seen romancing Anushka Sharma in his next upcoming movie.

King Khan said, “After this, I will do Anand L Rai's film in November. Its casting has not been finalised yet. I have been discussing a film with Aditya Chopra since a year. It's a different film. There are people with whom I am discussing films. They are good directors.”