Yogi Adityanath asked officials to ensure there was no “unnecessary harassment”


Harassed and humiliated by anti-Romeo squads at some places, Adityanath asked officials to ensure there was no “unnecessary harassment”.

The Chief Minister asked the Principal Secretary (Home) to chalk out clear rules for hostile to Romeo squads and guarantee there is no superfluous badgering of young men and young ladies moving around or sitting at wherever, an official discharge said.

Hostile to Romeo squads, a survey guarantee of the BJP that secured a striking triumph in the Uttar Pradesh race, drew feedback from specific quarters with visuals of policemen focusing on young men and young ladies circulating around the web on TV and via web-based networking media.

“The thought is to question, check gathering of young men or young men alone close schools and different places and make fear among potential harassers openly puts,” said a cop.

Be that as it may, it was being named as an endeavor at good policing and generally censured in a few quarters as the usual way of doing things was being contrasted and the notorious ‘Operation Majnu’ in 2005, in which young men at intersections and markets were pulled up, and couples in patio nurseries were whipped by police.

The officer looked to illuminate that the main employment (of the counter Romeo squads) was to guarantee wellbeing of ladies and that eve-prodding does not happen.

“For this we will likewise make preventive strides like not allowing frauds to dillydally out in the open zones frequented by ladies. I won’t state it is moral policing,” he said.

The main pastor, who holds the arrangement of Home office, has additionally requested successful strides in instances of acid attacks.

Adityanath has termed law and order as the top priority of his government and has asked for daily reports from all DMs and SPs on law and order.