Yogeshwar Dutt’s Bronze from London Olympics 2012 will not turn to Gold


New Delhi: Wrestler Yogeshwar Dutt's London 2012 Olympics medal will not be upgraded to gold. Earlier, several media reports had claimed that Dutt will get the gold as the top-place finisher Togrul Asgarov's sample tested positive for a banned substance.

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UWW on Tuesday quashed all speculations about Yogi getting a Gold medal. 

“Contrary to news reports, 2012 Olympic gold medallist Togrul Asgarov has never been in violation of UWW’s anti-doping policy,” UWW, the governing body of world wrestling, confirmed on Twitter.

However, Yogi's medal is set to be upgraded to Silver once his sample from 2012 Games are retested.

The star wrestler had earlier confirmed that his Bronze medal has been upgraded to Silver, after Besik Kudukhov, who died in a car crash in 2013, was tested positive for a banned substance. As a result of this, the Russian will be stripped off his medal.

Yogeshwar lost against against Mongolia's Ganzorigiina Mandakhnaran in his first round bout at Rio Olympics 2016.