Yogendra Behera makes PSO open sandal straps, says ‘I’m the VIP’


Odisha: Odisha government, senior party leader Yogendra Behera was asked on Monday to tie and later untie his sandal strap. During the event PSO helped him to lose his shoe straps.

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The incident took place during the celebration of Independence Day that was held in Keonjhar district.

In presence of thousands of people, PSO bent down on the stage to lose their lace and subsequently tighten the straps.

When asked about the incident by local reporters, Behera said, “I am the VIP. I have hoisted the flag; he (PSO) has (done that).”

The Minister told that he had a knee problem and it was all right for the PSO to loosen his sandal strap. “He was helping me out,” Behera added.

Odisha BJP spokesperson Sajjan Sharma said, “It was a shameful incident. There is no distinction between government staff and personal staff in the Naveen Patnaik administration. The ministers think…Odisha is their fiefdom.”

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