Yale’s admissions team loved Student’s Essay on her love for Pizza


Carolina Williams, of Brentwood, Tennessee, was in for a treat when she discovered that her essay about pizza got her into an Ivy League school. At Yale, no less! Carolina wrote about ordering Papa John’s pizza in response to a prompt asking applicants to write a 200-word essay about something they want to do. “I love to order pizza from Papa John’s so much. I do it like once a week,” she stated, as per reports. “That was my first idea when I saw that prompt.”

So Carolina set out to write about simply that, and the result was a delightful essay that celebrated pizza as a source of comfort and satisfaction.

In fact, the Yale admissions team adored the essay so much that a week later, Carolina got notes from them telling her the amount they loved her essay.

“As a fellow lover of pizza, I laughed out loud (then requested pizza) after reading your application,” read one note to Carolina from Yale’s admissions team. Another read, “I laughed so hard on your pizza article. I kept thinking that you are the sort of individual that I would love to be best friends with.”

Carolina has however chosen to go to Auburn University rather than the prestigious Yale. “Yale is a great school but Auburn just felt like home to me,” she said to media.

“The good thing about Auburn is they have a Papa John’s in their student center on campus so I’ll be there constantly,” she included.