Xiaomi’s unveiled Mi Air Purifier 2


Company Xiaomi has come up with Mi Air Purifier 2 in India. The price of the purifier has been fixed at Rs 9,999.

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WiFi-enabled Mi Air Purifier are already available in the markets of China. IoT based home product is the first product from Xiaomi in India.

Xiaomi’s Mi Air Purifier is pretty compact. It has one button on the Mi Air Purifier 2 and you can keep tapping this to switch modes between Auto, Sleep and Favourites. The Favourite mode can be used to set a strength for the fan, and for this the Mi Home app is needed.

The Air Purifier first gets on the same WiFi as your mobile, and then once that’s done the data starts showing. I feel Xiaomi could have skipped this whole login to Mi account process. Not everyone will be keen to create one just for an Air Purifier.

The Air Purifier 2 itself is pretty compact and won’t occupy much space in your house (240 x 240 x 520 mm is the size) and even in the auto mode it’s not loud, which is always a good sign with these things.

The Mi Home app shows the PM 2.5 particle levels in the room and it also lets you switch modes on the device as well. A user can choose from Auto to Sleep to Favourite. In Mi Home app you can also determine the strength of the fan by tinkering with the Favourites Mode; just long press on the tab and you can determine the CADR range which usually results in more noise.

Mi Air Purifier 2 bought down the PM2.5 levels from 55 to 22 in half an hour, which is good.  It doesn’t require a lot of space. According to their app, it’s also pretty effective when it comes to reducing the PM2.5 particles.

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