Xiaomi Unveils New Headphone In India at Rs 1,999


Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi unveiled latest headphones Mi In-Ear Headphone Pro HD in India. The price of headset is Rs 1,999. The customer can buy it from Mi.com website.

The company is already advertising its Mi In-Ear headphones Pro and Mi In-Ear headphones in India.

Talking about Mi In-Ear headphones Pro HD, it features full metal-wired control bar that it is prepared with elastic wire and provides it a glossy, close-packed look. The headset boasts a rounded 45° angled in-ear design. It is made up of medical grade silicone that is not harmful for the skin. It comes in four different sizes.

Mi In-Ear Headphone Pro HD accompanies crossover double dynamic and adjusted armature drivers. The double element driver keeps the bass and mid tones smooth and the adjusted armature drivers hold the rich subtle elements of the high notes for the principle tune to keep up a tri-band evening out impact.

Aside from this Xiaomi additionally bragged that the aluminum combination press sound council of these earphones are made through a 25-stage long process. For strength, the Zircon sandblasting and anodizing layer guarantee that the item is hard and impervious to scratches.