Xiaomi CEO explains why Xiaomi phones are not waterproof


New Delhi : Chinese smartphone manufacturers Xiaomi have no waterproof devices under its arsenal and CEO Lei Jun recently explained why the company refrains from additional water-proofing of devices. Company CEO Lei Jun is to be gone by, things are just fine the way they are and will most likely stay that way, unless buyers are willing to pay 20-30% more for its phones.

Lei Jun has gone on record to explain why Xiaomi phones don't come with waterproofing capabilities. For one, the feature doesn't essentially guarantee long-term safety. According to the Xiaomi boss, even a minor damage to the phone — in the form of a crack or something by way of an accidental drop — can render its waterproofing ineffective. Jun pointed out that fact that even water-proofing the phone does not essentially guarantee long-term safety and even a tiniest of cracks can render the water-proofing function useless.

However, Jun indicated that if customers are fine with the costs going up, the company might consider making a smartphone along with water-proofing. Apart from what Jun said, Water-proofing a smartphone is a tricky affair and involves sealing all the internals of a handset or using a gasket. Companies have also started covering the devices with hydrophobic or oleophobic liquid, which does not let the water accumulate on a spot. While it brilliantly protects your smartphone, you are bound to incur extra charges in case there is a need to change an internal component, which involves a strenuous procedure and burns an even bigger hole in your pocket.