Xi says US-China ties at ‘hinge moment’


WASHINGTON: The U.S.-China relationship is at a "hinge moment" following the election of Donald Trump as president, President Xi Jinping said Saturday.

Seated across from President Obama before their ninth face-to-face meeting since becoming China's president, Xi made no mention of Trump by name. But he commended Obama for close cooperation on key issues such as North Korea's nuclear development and climate change, before sounding an uncertain tone about the future ties.

"We meet at a hinge moment in the China-U.S. relationship," he said. "I hope the two sides will work together to focus on cooperation, manage our differences, and make sure there is a smooth transition in the relationship and that it will continue to grow going forward."

The Obama administration has worked to carefully cultivate its relationship with China and Xi in particular, with the Paris climate agreement as a key breakthrough in relations that Obama said demonstrated "what's possible when our two countries work together."

In any case, President-elect Trump give China a role as an enemy all through the crusade, debilitating to force new duties and formally announce the nation a cash controller. 

Xi talked with Trump after his decision. Chinese state media reported that Xi told the Republican that collaboration was "the main right decision for China and the United States." 

Xi and Obama met at an oceanfront inn in Lima as both pioneers went to the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit.