Wrongdoing against ladies most astounding in Bhopal’s opulent regions


The high society, opulent ranges of Bhopal, including Arera Colony, Chuna Bhatti and Kolar, witness more wrongdoing against ladies in contrast with different parts of the city. This startling reality has been uncovered around astute investigation of wrongdoing against ladies by Bhopal police, covering the period June 1 to May 31. 

The Habibganj police circle – which incorporates Habibganj, Kolar and Chuna Bhatti thanas – saw the most astounding number of assault and lewd behavior cases. A sum of 35 such cases were enrolled in the Habibganj circle in the initial 150 days of this current year – which implies each fourth day somebody was assaulted and sexually badgering in this tony city territory. 

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The Habibganj police circle incorporates areas like Char Imali and Arera Colony where top civil servants and businesspeople dwell. The figures are higher notwithstanding when contrasted with Old Bhopal. 

Coming a nearby second is Berasia police circle on the city edges. An aggregate of 34 instances of assault and inappropriate behavior were enlisted in Berasia circle, which incorporates Berasia, Nazeerabad and Gunga police headquarters. Nishatpura police circle – that spreads Nishatpura, Gandhi Nagar and Chhola Mandir police headquarters – positions third. In this thickly populated old city territory of Bhopal, a sum of 30 instances of assault and lewd behavior cases were enlisted amid the expressed period. 

Further, the Jehangirabad police circle has earned the questionable qualification of recording the most noteworthy number of instances of mercilessness against ladies by her better half or family. A sum of 70 such cases were enlisted in the circle – more than half of the aggregate instances of savagery against ladies by her significant other and his relatives enrolled in Bhopal. 

City director of police, Habibganj circle, CM Dwivedi said anticipation of wrongdoing as is assault "intense". "Episodes of assault and lewd activities are more in the ghettos regions of my circle", he included. 

The BJP MLA from Bhopal Central body electorate, Surendra Nath Singh, said explanations for wrongdoing against ladies in the Habibganj circle (which predominantly goes inside his supporters) must be broke down. "I will solicit the director from police to guarantee better policing in the zone. Quality of police power is additionally not adequate and must be expanded so that policemen can work all the more productively", he said

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