Wrestler Goldberg defeats Brock Lesnar in under 2 minutes : Survivor Series


Wrestler Goldberg wins the match against Brock Lesnar on Monday. Call it stun, mistrust – that was amazing. The buildup around this match – the headliner of 30th yearly Survivor arrangement was so monstrous and it was normal that this session will be reserved superior to their first fight in 2004 at the Royal Rumble.

The choice to run with such a short match will most unquestionably enrage the wrestling fans, yet one can't deny the "occasion" the match figured out how to make. Lesnar did not mount any offense at all as Goldberg initially pushed Lesnar down on the tangle and after that continued to hit him with two lances and after that stuck Lesnar subsequent to conveying his mark completing move – 'Jack Hammer'.

Goldberg initially crossed way with Lesnar route in 2004. The fight was develop sublimely coming full circle in Wrestlemania XX with WWE legend Stone Cold Steve Austin serving as the visitor arbitrator which was tragically a dull undertaking. Goldberg won that match.