Worship Lord Panchmukhi daily to overcome money related constraints!


According to Vastu Shastra there are some things that provide relief from money related concerns and gives peace in the house. Today I am telling you some measures that will help you to get rid of problems related to money. Check out:

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Place Panchmukhi Hanuman ji statue in the south-west direction of house. Worship this lord daily. It will help to provide prosperity.

Positioning of water filled pitcher in the north side of the home helps to reduce money shortage problem. Do not keep them empty when water finishes.

Due to Vastu Dosh in the house, people face problem of money shortage. Therefore, to remove the Vastu Dosh, it is beneficial to keep a statue or picture of the Vastu God in the house. It helps to overcome money related constraints.

Significance of playing bell at temple

In the main entrance of the house, place a photograph of Lakshmi Mata and Lord Kuber or make Swastik sign. It will help to provide benefit from money shortage.