Worship god according to your choice


Relationship of every God is considered by some particular object or desire. So why don’t worship a particular god with our choice.

Lord Kuber to get fund

Lord Kuber is considered to god of wealth. Those who wish for money they should place a temple in the north side in their house and install the idol of lord kuber and worship daily.

Lord Krishna for love

Those who wish to get love from friends or partners; they should established idol of lord Krishna and worship them.

Sun god to get rid of diseases

People who are disturbed from diseases should place a sun god statue or picture. Worship them by lamp and offering water on them everyday.

Lord Ganesha for business boomed

Install a temple in the house of lord ganesha for boomed business and must put a lamp or incense sticks daily.

Lord hanuman to get rid of bad dreams

Worship of lord hanuman and installing panchamukhi nature photo will help to get rid from scary and bad dreams.

Goddess Lakshmi to increase sources of income

People, who want to increase their sources of income, should every day place the lamp before the picture or statue of Goddess Lakshmi at home or in the shop.

Lord Vishnu for job growth

Working people who wish for success or promotion should worship lord Vishnu and goddess lakshmi with lord Vishnu together.

Goddess Saraswati for exams 

 Students wishing to succeed in exams, they should place photo statue of Goddess in their room or Saraswati daily.

Lord Shiva to finish the fights

Fights between family and friends will come to an end by worship and lamping lord Shiva.