World’s ‘highest and longest’ glass span set to open in China


The world's "longest and highest" glass extension is set to open to open in China's Hunan region on Saturday (Aug 20) as per authorities accountable for the undertaking.

The scaffold is 430m long and 6m wide and is cleared with 99 sheets of three-layer straightforward glass.

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It interfaces two mountain precipices known as the Avatar mountains nearly 300m over the ground in the Grand Canyon picturesque territory in Zhangjiajie, as per Xinhua news organization. The Hollywood hit film Avatar was shot in this area.

The extension was finished in December and expense around US$3.4m to develop, reported Xinhua.

The council says the extension has set 10 world records crossing its configuration and development.

Authorities say the extension has experienced thorough testing. It incorporated a two ton truck being driven over the scaffold and a few heavy hammer tests.

Authorities say a maximum of 8000 guests will be permitted on the scaffold every day.

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