World’s fattest man moves for the first time in Six years


A Mexican man believed to be the heaviest on the planet is get ready to experience treatment to shed weight from his 78-stone casing as specialists dread for his life.

Juan Pedro, 32, weighs 500kg (1100 pounds) and is to a great extent confined to bed because of his expansive size.

He will be put on a treatment in Mexico to shed some weight.

Juan Pedro has struggled stoutness the greater part of his life, yet the issue got ugly after an injury at 17.

“When I was six years of age I measured 60 kilos (132 pounds) and it’s gone up since, at 17 I weighed 230 kilos (507 pounds).

“I harmed half of my body and I put in 18 months in bed,” he said.

Juan Pedro is from the little Mexican condition of Aguacalientes and will go to Guadalajara for his treatment.

Be that as it may, his mom told media past healing center visits have not helped Juan Pedro shed pounds.

“Government managed savings sent me to Guadalajara two times, the first to put him on an eating regimen and the second to perceive the amount he had lost. He hadn’t lost a gram,” said mother, Maria de Jesus Salas Lemus.

Dangers to his wellbeing, for example, from diabetes and organ disappointment have incited this healing center visit.

Cheerful his treatment will be a win, Juan Pedro is anticipating going out again and driving.

“To go out once more, to drive once more, to sing at the sanctuary once more, that is the thing that I might want. That is the place we’re at, God will help,” included Pedro.

Be that as it may, for the world’s apparently heaviest man, the treatment ahead is long and will require abstaining from food took after by a surgical strategy.

“The final product is to put him on treatment to get thinner in six months and after that a surgical method,” said Juan Pedro’s specialist, Jose Antio Castaneda.

As indicated by the World Health Organization, Mexico is a worldwide pioneer in stoutness with 35 percent of its young people overweight or corpulent.