A clasp of the ‘world’s greatest chicken’ has left watchers stunned at its Jurassic extents.

The recording demonstrates a chicken jabbing its head through a moderately little opening in a hoisted cubby.

As the clasp proceeds with, the chicken starts to venture into the yard and uncovers its inconceivable immensity and plumage.

With masses of quills and remaining far taller than most pooches, the fledgling meanders around the yard denoting its region.

It is not known where the recording was shot, but rather watchers online responded with stun at the feathered mammoth.

One stated: “This horrifying presence ought not exist. Tears are spilling down my face out of dread that I live in an indistinguishable world from this.”

Another additional: “That ain’t no chicken, that is a divine being damn velociraptor.”

One even thought the winged animal was really a human wearing a favor dress ensemble.

They stated: “I could have sworn as it was first venturing out that it was a man in a chicken outfit.”

The breed is thought to be a Brahmans, the biggest in the chicken family.