World Hepatitis Day 2017: Can having sex lead to Hepatitis C?


Hepatitis C is a contagious liver disease, and the most common way to get infected is if you get in touch with the blood of the infected individual. It can likewise be transmitted by saliva, semen and other body fluids, but this is very rare. It likewise spreads with sexual activity, however rare but chances increase if you have multiple partners, engage in harsh sex or have HIV or any other sexually transmitted disease. To reduce the danger of getting Hepatitis C through sexual contact, read the following rules:

– Reduce the number of individuals you have sex with

– Use condoms every time particularly if you have more than one partner

– Do not indulge harsh sex as it can make you bleed

The real side effects of the disease are jaundice, stomach aches, loss of appetite, nausea and fatigue. The easiest way to diagnose the disease is a blood test. With advancement in technology, pills can cure the disease in eight to twelve weeks. This World Hepatitis Day, read below to discover precautions against getting infected with this disease.

  1. Sexual activity

Hepatitis C has been known to spread with sex, yet the cases are very rare. In monogamous relationships, the one where the couple has sexual relations just with each other have virtually no chance of catching the disease. Individuals who have numerous sex partners are however at an increased danger of getting infected and must practice safe sex.

  1. Don’t share needles

It is responsible for almost half of the cases of Hepatitis C. Drug users who share needles are at great risk of being tainted. Sometimes snorting the drugs, and using a same straw causes bleeding in the nasal page, this also leads to infection.

  1. Oral sex is alright

There’s no evidence of this virus spreading from oral sex. But just to be on a safe side take precautions. Wear latex condoms if you have harsh sex, as it may make you bleed.

  1. Personal items

Don’t share personalized things like towels or razors. Many time individuals cut themselves and if you use the same item you will get tainted as well. If you are already infected, at that point guarantee nobody else uses your things.

  1. HIV

If your partner has HIV and you have sex together, at that point the chances of you getting tainted are quite increased. The best option available is to have protected intercourse and avoid having sexual relations when you have your menstrual cycle.