World briefs: U.N. chooses Guterres as new leader


United Nations — The U.N. General Assembly chose Antonio Guterres on Thursday as the following secretary-general of the United Nations, a post he promised to use to be "a scaffold developer" and to advance another "discretion for peace." 

Thailand faces uncertainty, grief without King Bhumibol

The 193 U.N. part states chose Mr. Guterres by approval, taking after the Security Council's selection of the 67-year-old previous Portuguese head administrator and U.N. exile boss by approval a week ago. 

Mr. Guterres will assume control as U.N. boss on Jan. 1 when Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon's second five-year term closes. He will be the ninth secretary-general in the association's 71-year history. 

In Washington, President Barack Obama saluted Mr. Guterres on his race. 

Sea tempest Nicole hits 

HAMILTON, Bermuda — Hurricane Nicole thundered crosswise over Bermuda on Thursday, pulverizing the resort island with winds up to 115 mph that snapped trees and peeled off rooftops. 

The Category 3 storm likewise overwhelmed homes and thumped out energy to more than 26,000 clients who live in the British region, which has tough base and is acclimated to substantial climate. 

As the eye of the sea tempest passed overhead, Bermuda's 65,000 individuals got a brief break, yet powers asked everybody to stay inside. 

Altering peace bargain 

COLOMBIA — Ten days after voters in Colombia dismisses their administration's peace manage radical FARC revolts, the nation's principle resistance party has distributed proposition that would alter the assention however leave critical bits in place. 

The greatest adjustments would scrap arranges under the understanding to build up an extraordinary equity framework to indict pioneers of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, or FARC, who are blameworthy of genuine wrongdoings, and ban them from holding open office. 

Starvation in Nigeria 

BANKI, Nigeria — Across the northeastern corner of this nation, more than 3 million individuals uprooted and secluded by the aggressors are confronting one of the world's greatest helpful catastrophes. Consistently, more kids are kicking the bucket in light of the fact that there isn't sufficient nourishment. Reparable ailments are slaughtering others. Indeed, even polio has returned. 

Around a million and a half of the casualties have fled the Islamist fanatics and are living in stopgap camps, besieged out structures and host groups, accepting negligible supplies from worldwide associations. 

Likewise on the planet … 

10 years of universal authorizations went for obstructing Iran's atomic program has left China the nation's overwhelming financial specialist and exchange accomplice. Presently, with those limitations formally lifted, a more businesslike Iranian government has been attempting to straightforwardness reliance on China, just to get itself hindered by hard-line resistance and lingering U.S. sanctions. … The International Criminal Court ought to keep examining atrocities in Burundi in spite of a choice by the country's officials to pull back from the Court, Amnesty International said Wednesday.

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