WOOHO! Abheesh P Dominic broke Guinness World Record in One Minute


Kerala’s Man Abheesh P  Dominic smashed 124 coconuts in one single minute with his one bare hand and made world record. He previously smashed 118 coconuts in the city of Kottayam and the video has been updated on You Tube by Guinness World Record on Wednesday.

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During the competition, 140 coconuts were lined up on long line, short heighted wall and group of enthusiastic and energetic supporters cheered for Abheesh P Dominic. He broke the coconuts at a speed of 2 coconuts per second and managed to set the record of 124 coconuts in 60 seconds.

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“I decided to break this record because I am from a remote village and Guinness World Records is only a dream for any one of us,” Abheesh P Dominic told the Guinness World Record. “I am a man of strong determination and I strongly believe in the willpower of human beings.”

kudos to the Indians and their determination, who all are aiming and achieving for utmost for the highest!