Women’s Safety App To Be Launched By Gurgaon Police Soon


Police Commissioner Sandeep Khirwar said on Saturday that the Gurgaon Police will soon dispatch another application for the wellbeing of ladies in Gurgaon.

The senior cop was tending to a workshop titled “Making Women Safe in Public and Work Places”, sorted out by native gathering ‘Gurgaon First’.

Khirwar called attention to that sufficient road lights and city transport administration are the need of great importance. He additionally discussed the arrangement to introduce more CCTVs in shopping centers and private states.

Discussing the wellbeing review of the city, Kalpana Viswanath, Co-author of Safetipin App, said that Gurgaon has a general score of 2.4 out of 5 in ladies security.

As per Viswanath, wellbeing parameters incorporate lighting, transport, pathway, perceivability, openness, sexual orientation differing qualities and security. “Gurgaon especially scores inadequately on lighting, perceivability, security and open transport.

As per her, places with more “eyes” out and about, for example, Sadar Bazar and MG Road, are more protected than other rich territories of Gurgaon, including Golf Course Road and Golf Course Extension Road.