Women’s Day Special : Every woman should keep these safety gadgets in their purse

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Humiliating incidents like rape, eve-teasing, molestation are increasing day by day. In such situations, women should be prepared for their self  defence. Only then can these atrocious incidents against be stopped. For women safety, many technology companies have created different types of gadgets which are extremely dangerous.

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On the occasion of Women’s Day we are telling you about the unique gadgets that every woman should keep in her purse. So whenever in trouble, you can defend yourself with the help of these gadgets. These gadgets are very dangerous and causes tremendous damage to the attacker on the woman.


Keep these women with you for safety: –

Anti rape bra- This is made up of three students of India. The attacnker gets shock when he touches this belt. Along with this, it also gives information to the police and the family of the girl. The electric shock circuit in the anti wrap bra gives it an electricity shock.

Anti rape panty- Designed by AR wear, this anti-rape panty is almost impossible to open by the attacker after wearing it. Not only this, due to the use of cut proof material used to make this gadget cannot be cut from anything. It looks like normal wear panty.

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Defense Tampton- This unique device was made by Anita Engmersdott of Sweden. Women can easily hide this small device in their private parts. The pointed spike in it can do the harm to the attacker from which he can not recover throughout the life.


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