Women molested in broad daylight, video goes viral : UP


Rampur : Highlighting yet another case of lawlessness spreading in the state, a video of two girls being molested openly by a group of young men in Uttar Pradesh’s Rampur district, has set the social media on fire.

Around 12 to 14 young men can be found in the video, attacking the ladies, even while they argued to release them.

Demonstrating the sheer bravery of the culprits, the young men recorded the whole advancement and posted it via web-based networking media.

Other than mistreating and attacking the young ladies, the young men were giggling and making jokes the entire time, while the upset young ladies continued asking to be saved.

The offenders have been recognized and the police have made one capture, as the examination is in progress.

Earlier in March, after coming to power in Uttar Pradesh the Yogi-Adityanath Government has launched ‘Anti-Romeo’ squads to check on eve-teasing in public areas, to ensure the safety of girls in the state.