Look For These Warning Signs Before A Heart Attack!


A heart attack can come on without chest pain, especially in women. Here are few indications which your body gives you before a heart-attack. Don’t wait to call the doctor if you experience any of the symptoms.

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Image result for women feeling dizziness1. Dizziness- 

Reduce or cut off blood flow that brings oxygen to the heart and brain can make you feel dizziness in your head.

Image result for women upper body pain2. Upper body pain-

Some women shares pain in the lower body parts including the back, shoulders, arms, neck or jaw.

Image result for women Fatigue3. Fatigue-

More than half of women feel extremely tired or weak more than a month before having a heart attack.

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Image result for women nausea

4. Sweating-

Unless you’re going through menopause or have just exercised, breaking out into a cold sweat or perspiring excessively could signal a heart attack, which activates the nervous system.