Woman’s feet hold secret to her husband’s fate


The more you start reading and understanding a lot of Hindu scriptures, the more closer you will be to the fact that all the knowledge back in the ancient time was more abundant than today’s Internet.

Knowledge of universe

Our Shastras, Vedas and Puranas, covers every possible-impossible knowledge, from the gigantic topics, like universe and beyond to the minute ones like our toe nails.

Ancient scholars

If you go reading any of these texts you will understand that ancient scholars and sages, with their divine power gained such knowledge from Gods and Demons and authored them into scriptures, for all of us to learn, get enlightened, and treasure it.

Hidden future secrets

You will be baffled to know that as small as our feet hold the secret to our past, present and future, are linked to our karma and reveals about our personality, hidden characteristic, etc.

Five members

A human feet and hand, consists of five members (fingers/toe)- the Angushtha (thumb/biggest toe), the Tarjani (forefinger/second toe), the Madhyama (middle-finger/third toe), the Anamika (ring-finger/fourth toe), and the Kanishthika (little-finger/little toe).


Ancient scholars explained that like Ardhanarishvara (Shiva-Shakti), no man is complete without a woman and vice versa. Together they complete and compliment each other. They also state, that each person has certain secret aspects of their future life partner, well-hidden in their own bodies, in face of moles, palm and feet lines, etc.

Auspicious or inauspicious signs

These signs tell of their partner’s fate, characteristic, traits, etc. Today, we are going to unravel the signs marked on a woman’s feet that reveal a lot about their husband’s fate.


A woman who bears the sign of Chakra, Dhvaja, Swastika on the sole of her feet, will make her husband a King and would relish the life of a Queen herself.


A woman whose second toe is remarkable bigger than her other toes, would remain unchaste before marriage and her husband’s peace will be disturbed until she choses to endure her youth for adultery.


If a woman has a line going up from the mount (cushion area below little toe) right up to the big toe, then the woman would be quite auspicious to her husband and he will see success and happiness coming in his way, rather easily.


The symbols of a Kamala and a Chatra, in the sole of a woman’s feet indicate that her husband will rejoice, wealth, political fame and prosperity, for only as long as they remain married together.

Contact with ground

While walking, if you two little toes- Anamika and the Kanishthika, do not touch the ground, then it is an indication of early widowhood. It is also a sign that she shall remain unfaithful.

Madhyama toe

If the Madhyama (middle toe) is visibly longer than the thumb and the index toe, then it indicates that the woman would be unfortunate for her husband and would be the cause of worry to others.

Anamika – Kanishthika

If the Madhyama and Anamika (third and fourth toe) are of equal length, then the woman might become the cause of husband's financial loss. Unlike with other family members, he relationship with her husband would be quarrelsome.


If it is round in shape, soft and beautiful, expect to lead glamorous life, thanks to your wife, but if the sole is bit hard and flaky, expect a struggling life.

Space between toes

If the space between big and index toe visibly smaller than the rest, then it indicates a life filled with struggles; if index toe is taller than big toe, then it means the person would have a tumultuous love life.

Sole lines

If the lines on the back of her feet are red colored and neatly visible with no crosses and diversions, then it means your life would sail smooth and there would hardly any struggles, also she would be truly devoted to her husband and family.