Woman reacts weirdly after watching Annabelle Creation, screams and punches herself


Some people find horror movies are unintentionally funny, for others they are no less than creepy nightmares. But still, people watch them with great interest.

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Some people thrive for the adrenaline rush that they get after watching a scary scene. And for that very reason, many waited long enough for Annabelle: Creation, a movie which made several people totally scared

Same thing happened with a Brazilian woman, she was caught on camera in complete uncontrolled manner after watching Annabelle: Creation. The video, seems to be of a mall in Brazil, showed the woman ‘retching and screaming’ on the floor.

Annabelle: Creation is the latest horror film in the Conjuring franchise. This movie tells the story of an evil old doll which haunts a family.

According to the sources the 20yr old woman and her friends were leaving the theatre at midnight after watching the film when she started behaving in a strange uncontrolled manner.

Whatever happened to this Brazilian woman has got shockwaves across the world generating more curiosity than ever. This 20-year-old woman was watching the movie and was seemingly fine until the devil appeared on the screen. And when that happened, she stormed out of the theatre, fell flat on the ground, coughed, screamed, and punched herself in horror, while her friends tried to calm her down.

The incident, which happened in Teresina, Brazil, led to the woman being taken to a hospital. She was seen screaming and punching herself in the face as her friends tried to calm her down.

“When the film ended, we went to pay the car park and she started hitting herself with punches to her own head, and threw herself on the floor,” revealed an eyewitness.

A staff member at the mall told: “We haven’t managed to find out exactly what happened or what caused this behavior. What we know is that she was really very nervous and couldn’t she herself explain what had happened

A woman had hysterics after watching Annabelle: Creation. The incident happened in a mall in Brazil.Woman observes Man holding A Snake On Crowded Train, video goes viral

Annabelle: creation has been released worldwide and is getting good reviews from the critics, audiences are even calling it the scariest movie of the franchise.