Woman observes Man holding A Snake On Crowded Train, video goes viral


A woman and many others individuals faced a man holding snake on his lap in a Boston, Massachusetts bound train recently.

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Though, social media is full of comedy, scary, entertainment based videos etc but this kind of scary videos make the headlines of news and it attracts people towards it the most.

The video of snake that was found on a plane went viral on the internet few days back. Another video was shared the most earlier when the snake was found in a car’s engine. It also fascinated people a lot.

On Twitter handle, user Anne Keane shared a video of a co-passenger on her train holding a large snake in his lap. It doesn’t show the man’s face but only reveals the snake in his hands.

“There were definitely people giving looks like, ‘What’s going on over there?'” she directed The Boston Globe. “One guy asked if he could hold it, so he actually held it while his friend took photos,” she said.

The video was taken by Ms Keane and she shared, “If snakes were in fact permitted on the train.”

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“Snake. On the train. @mbta uh…what’s the policy here?” she wrote.