Woman murdered in Jungle area of Dehradun


DEHRADUN: A lady, said to be in her mid-30s, was purportedly killed by a unidentified individual in the wilderness territory of Mohabbewala on the edges of Dehradun. While the killer figured out how to get away, the police group found a sack containing corrosive and lamp fuel, utilizing which he planned to harm the body in a way with the goal that it couldn't be distinguished 

SSP Dehradun Sadanand Date told Media, "A gathering of minors playing football in the territory heard a few sobs for help." 

The gathering of young men went to the spot to discover a lady lying on the ground. Recognizing the minors, the attacker got away from the spot, deserting his bi-cycle, a sack containing lamp oil, corrosive and shirt which he had used to choke the lady. 

The young men surged back home and told their relatives, who further educated the Patel Nagar police headquarters about the issue. 

"Endeavors are on to recognize the lady and in addition the executioner. At first sight it creates the impression that the two were workers and known not other. Plannedly, he conveyed the lady to the confined area and dispensed with her," said the SSP. The photo of the lady has been flowed to all police headquarters and bordering towns.