Woman ends life with 2 kids over dowry


Jaipur: Disturbed over settlement badgering by her in-laws, a 30-year-old lady finished her life alongside two kids including a baby little girl at Malsisar town in Jhunjhunu area. The lady in her suicide note said that her dad in-law and relative were tormenting and bugging her for settlement , in any case, she termed her significant other honest and asked police not to drag him into the case.

Jaipur activity to be redirected in numerous territories

"The perished was distinguished as Sunita Devi (30), Aayush (4) and Guddi (6 months)," said a senior cop of Jhunjhunu on Sunday.

Police said that they recuperated a handbag from the spot in which they found a suicide note. "It is specified in the suicide take note of that her significant other is a minding man while her in-laws used to disturb her for share. She said that it was getting troublesome for her to live with the insults and normal badgering by her significant other's folks, driving her to make compelling stride," said a senior cop.

Police have likewise found that before suicide the lady had addressed her significant other and told that she will never call him again. "At the season of suicide the spouse was in Jaipur to meet a sickly relative at SMS healing facility," said an officer.

Police are researching the matter to discover different proofs to enlist an instance of abetment to suicide against the in-laws.

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