Woman Doctor Removed IV Line of Father, caught on camera


Chennai: A woman doctor was caught on CCTC camera while removing IV Line of her father at the Intensive Care Unit of a Chennai hospital. After that she was seen pulling out the intravenous drip injecting crucial medicines directly into his veins.

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The 82-year-old patient, a previous specialist being dealt with for heart issue, survived what the police depict as endeavored homicide. He kicked the bucket of regular causes two months after the fact, in November.

The footage given to the police demonstrates the lady, Dr M Jayasudha, going into the room with her two children. She requests that the three medical attendants give her some security with the patient. She then creates records accepted to be property related that her child hauls out from under his shirt. Her dad apparently marked one page under risk and the little girl additionally coercively gets his thumb impression, as indicated by specialists.

At that point, the lady unscrews the trickle and tucks the separated line under her dad's bed, says the police.

The doctor's facility is claimed by the lady's sibling – Dr R Jayaprakash who discharged the video and reported the matter to the police and the Indian Medical Council for activity.

Examiner Thiyagarajan who researched the case said, "We've documented an instance of endeavor to murder, blackmail and trespass. We will soon record the charge sheet".

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