Woman have cut off her little finger with bold cutter then boasted about it on Facebook- Is it a prank?


A woman cases to have severed her little finger with BOLT CUTTERS and boasted about it on Facebook, saying: “It looks charming.”

Frightful photographs from Torz Reynolds’ social media page seem to demonstrate the overwhelming impacts of the merciless home surgery.

The pictures have not been autonomously confirmed, but rather she demands they are bona fide.

Torz, who beforehand showed up,appear about outrageous body modifiers , stated: “I do these things for myself. It’s not harming ANYBODY else.

“I archived them on Facebook in light of the fact that I need to impart the experience to my companions.”

She likewise stood out as truly newsworthy in 2014 when she got vindicate on a “bamboozling” ex by supposedly expelling a tattoo of his name with a surgical tool and sending the separated skin to him by post.

She depicts herself online as “one of life’s wound oddities”.

Reporting the loss of her little finger, she composed on February 15: “Sorry folks… I just couldn’t force myself to do it,” before including: “Just kidding!!!”

This was joined by a photograph that seemed to demonstrate the disjoined tip of her little finger.

The expert body piercer and change craftsman, from London, later stated: “Mending up pleasantly! I do have video film of the genuine occasion however dunno in the event that I need to share it up ’til now… Not certain I wanna hear that crunch once more!”

At the point when asked by one Facebook companion for what valid reason she had proceeded with it, she answered: “It looks charming!”