Woman comes home to find a Bear in her garage, here’s the video


Returning home after a short trip and finding an unexpected guest sitting tight for you can be stressful – more so when that visitor simply happens to be a grizzly and rather scary bear. A lady in Colorado Springs, US, got the biggest shock when she returned home to find a huge bear hanging out in her garage. A video posted online demonstrates the bear wandering around the carport while the lady stayed caught inside her car. “Oh my… Freaking bear! Get out of my garage!” she can be heard saying in the clip.

“I was like, ‘Nobody will believe a bear is this close to me. Will film this,'” Denielle Backstrom told The Gazette. She had recently returned after dropping her kids at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo when she found the bear in her home.

The video shows the bear first looking inside the auto through a window and afterward trying to find a way to open a refrigerator close by. It is, however, seen moving away after Ms Backstrom honks at it. She even shouts “shoo shoo” at the bear. Ms Backstrom eventually reverses her car slowly towards the bear to scare it away.

Ms Backstrom later contacted Colorado Parks and Wildlife to investigate the issue, reports. The team is already trying to trap the bear since it is believed to have stolen ice cream and M&M’s from a garage in the same area earlier.