Woman attacks bride with acid on wedding night in Uttar Pradesh


A woman threw acid on the bride’s face in Bareilly’s cantonment area late Friday night the bride had to return from hospital to complete her marriage ceremony before going back for treatment..

The lady’s relatives chose to proceed with the marriage even after the assault. The young lady was released from the hospital after preparatory treatment and conveyed to the venue where for the marriage which occurred around 3 am on Saturday. On the doctor’s, guidance she was readmitted to the hospital after the wedding.

Scarcely four hours prior, she had been assaulted.

“The occurrence happened at Yugveeda marriage hall at around 11:30 pm. The aggressor was purportedly a young lady,” Bareilly commissioner of police (SP) Sameer Saurabh said in the wake of going to the site of the assault.

As per police, the relatives of the young lady were preparing for jaimala ceremony while the lady of the hour was in a room at the marriage corridor when the aggressor came to meet her. “The two were alone from everyone else in the room when the young lady who came to meet her (bride) tossed acid all over.”

The assailant purportedly bolted the room from outside and fled.

The lady’s relatives who raced to the room in the wake of listening to her cry took her to a close-by doctor’s facility. She was later moved to another doctor’s facility. As reported by clinic sources, she endured serious burn wounds to her face and eyes.

Police have enrolled a criminal objection and started examination. “At first sight it gives the idea that the assailant was known to the lady. We are looking into the CCTV footage of the scene to distinguish and capture the assailant,” the SP said.

The victim is the daughter of junior commissioned officer in the armed force. The family is a local of Uttarakhand. The groom is likewise a trooper in the armed force.