21-year-old lady was allegedly pushed off the balcony For denying Marriage Proposal


A 21-year-old lady was purportedly pushed off the gallery of her home by a man, after she “refused” to accept his marriage proposalin outer Delhi’s Mongolpuri region, police said on Tuesday.

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The occurrence occurred on Monday around 6.30 PM when the denounced, recognized as 28-year-old Amit, persuasively went into the lady’s home with his sister and began battling with the lady and her family, they said.

Amit supposedly debilitated her to acknowledge his proposition to be engaged yet when she cannot, he “pushed” her from the gallery of her home in Avantika Enclave in an attack of anger, said a senior cop.

The lady was raced to Baba Saheb Ambedkar Hospital where her condition is expressed to be basic. The man was given over to police by neighbors, police said.

Amit, nonetheless, asserted that the young lady had acquired Rs. 1 lakh from him and wasn’t returning it, police said.

Amit had obviously gotten to know the lady on Facebook around two years prior and the two got into a relationship, he said.

At the point when the guardians completed an individual verification on Amit, they found that he was unemployed.

Be that as it may, Amit continued pressurizing the lady and her family for marriage.

“As per Amit, he had gone to recuperate his cash from the young lady and with a specific end goal to move the fault on him, she hopped off the overhang,” said the officer.

The young lady’s family had held up a dissension with the police before the occurrence claiming that Amit had debilitated to make a scene before their home on the off chance that they didn’t give back his cash, he said.

Police is sitting tight for the young lady to recuperate so that her announcement can be recorded.

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