Woman absconds Of Handcuffs, police followed her


A woman accused of burglary tried to abscond of her handcuffs, theft the cops car she was kept staying in and followed the police on a 23-minute car trail.

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On Saturday, the tragedy occurred in Texas, USA and was recorded on camera. Later, the videotape was posted on Lufkin Police Department’s false Facebook page.

The accused has been found as Toscha Sponsler, worming out of her handcuffs ahead of mounting through a window divider to the driver’s seat.

Toscha Sponsler chasing officials in a video started at the beauty store she was trapped stealing at, the cops department’s Facebook post stated.

The video revealed that her striking elevated speed in a frantic efforts to avoid detain.

Officials finally bogged down with the running away of 33-year-old woman and later detained her following she crashed into someone’s patio.

Toscha Sponsler was moved to the Angelina County prison and allegations were put against her for various count involving run away leading to solemn bodily wound/risk of a lethal weapon, provoked attack against a public servant.

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Later, the cops setup screw to protect window partitions from unlocking over 4 inches.