Winter Remedy: Argan Oil


Argan oil is also known as miracle oil which has countless health benefits. The oil is cold pressed from the fruit of the Argania Spinosa. People throughout the word have used this oil extensively for amazing health benefits to treat skin rashes, skin infection, bug bites, hair growth. Here are some various health benefits which can make your winter nourished with the best of components.

Lifestyle Hacks of Rose Water

Skin toner: it can tone your skin. Use just 4-5 drops as a skin toner.

Healing acne:  just take 2-4 drops of argan oil on your hand and gently apply on the problematic areas. You can also use it with tea tree oil for better and effective results.

Hair growth: this oil prevents hair loss and helps to promote new hair growth by treating scalp three times a week at least. Massage your hair in circular motion with your finger tips.  It helps in improving texture, length and thickness. The oil not just promotes hair growth but, even repairs split ends.

Top Tips to keep Yourself Nourished this Winters

Strengthens cuticles and nails:  nails are the delicate dead cells of our body and girls are possessive for their nails. Just clean all the nail paint from toe nails and finger nails. Place a fraction of drop on each nail and rinse it thoroughly. Try applying the oil   overnight so the cuticles and nails stay unwashed.