Will take all parties into confidence says Rajnath Singh


On Friday Home Minister Rajnath Singh conveyed that the administration will take all parties into self-assurance while taking steps to restore normalcy in Kashmir. He has also further conveyed that, it is hard for people in the Valley to bear unrest for extended and that they want peace to return. Rajnath Singh, who was in Panaji to commission Indian Coast Guard’s off-shore patrol vessel Sarathi, has conveyed that the all-party delegation’s visit to the Valley had brought concerning a “perceptional change”.

A man was beaten to death by a gang in Gujarat

“The allocation went there to understand the circumstances, our efforts will be to take all parties in self-assurance while taking a step,” he conveyed, adding that the administration is operational on the recommendations of the all-party delegation. He has conveyed the circumstances in the Valley had considerably enhanced in the precedent few days and will soon be brought “completely under control”. He has also further conveyed that, it is hard for people to bear unrest for long. They currently want peace and normalcy to be restored.

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