Will continue to search for missing Indians till there is concrete proof of their death, says Sushma Swaraj


External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj has also conveyed that, in Iraq there is no proof to exhibit that the 39 kidnapped Indians in Mosul have been dead and that she would not commit the sin of announcing them dead. Foreign Minister on Wednesday conveyed in the Lok Sabha that, if I mislead anyone, what advantage would I gain? What ulterior motive do I have? It is easy for me to affirm them killed. Unless I get concrete proof of them being killed, I will carry on to haunt for them. As if a person is alive and we affirm him dead, it is a sin and I will not commit this sin.

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Swaraj further added that on 15th June, 2015, 20 days following the NDA administration came to influence; she was approached by Harjit Masih that he had directed to flee from the Islamic State. He conveyed that he witnessed the other 39 Indians abducted and being killed. Swaraj conveyed that though there were discrepancies in his account, she instantly instructed the embassy to haunt along the Mosul to Erbil route where Masih asserted the occurrence had happened.

The minister said that she has been in contact with a few nations in regards to the issue, including that she has looked for and been offered assistance from her partner in Turkey in following the snatched Indians. “At the point when the groups of the missing individuals moved toward me, I revealed to them that we have no data of them being dead. I likewise revealed to them that I am not in contact with any of the missing people and all my data originates from different sources.

“She included that she has met the groups of the workers, generally from Punjab, twelve times however won’t disclose to them anything until the point that she has solid evidence. She said that the administration can’t close the record on those missing or accepted to be executed. “The look is on for them as of not long ago. We can’t announce them slaughtered as we have no confirmation. On the off chance that they return, who is mindful? The individuals who feel I am being false, they can tell the families, I am not capable,” she said.

Swaraj gave cases of how Vietnam and the despite everything us keep on searching for officers who disappeared in the Vietnam war and World War II individually. Swaraj’s announcement came two days after Iraqi Foreign Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari said here that there is no “significant confirmation” on whether the Indians are alive or dead and affirmed that their last known area, the jail at Badush, has been wrecked by the IS.

Alluding to her change with him, Sushma stated, “He said that In Iraq they say that holding up is more regrettable than death yet in this circumstance, we can just hold up.” The priest said that when the Iraqi Prime Minister pronounced that Mosul has been recovered from the IS, Minister of State for External Affairs V K Singh was sent to Iraq.

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Expressing that a photo demonstrating a prison that was demolished in Mosul was as of late displayed to her, she stated, “The correctional facility had more than 20,000 detainees yet there were no insights about what number of Indians were in there by then of time.” The priest said that she has asked for the Iraqi remote clergyman to follow the correctional facility superintendent who could help them with the points of interest.