Will continue acting till I am 80: Kareena Kapoor:


The sizzling Kareena Kapoorrecently opened up about her concept of working while being pregnant and said that she would love to bear on acting till 80 years old. Announcing her affection about acting, the 35-year-old star said, "I cherish my occupation. Since the time I was in my mom's womb I needed to be a performer. In this way, I will keep acting till I am 80."

Speculations on whether the actress will work during her pregnancy or not have long been a hot topic of discussion among rumour mills. The 'Ki and Ka actress', in its response said, "I think it's a myth that women can't work when they are pregnant. Of course I am resting." The mommy-to-be also spoke about her baby shopping spree and said, "That you guys have decided. What's happening, where is it happening and how I am spending much."