Wildlife photographer creeps through mud to safeguard stranded falcon


SWINOUJSCIE, Poland, Aug. 11 A nature photographer in Poland was shot by an automaton when he swam out into thick waterfront mud to save a stranded white falcon.

Parks Canada bans wildlife photographers from using radio receivers to locate animals

Krzysztof Chomicz said he counseled with neighborhood firefighters in the town of Swinoujscie and different method for attempting to protect the hawk fizzled before he chose to wander out into the mud himself July 26.

The automaton video demonstrates Chomicz deliberately advancing through the mud to achieve the bird while joined to a rope tying him to dry area.

The video demonstrates the falcon battle and assault its rescuer, however Chomicz could convey the fowl of prey to security.

A second video demonstrates the assessed 6-month-old falcon, named Icarus, being looked after by natural life protection specialists before being exchanged to a shelter in Szczecin.

Specialists said the flight that landed Icarus in the mud may have been the fledgling's first endeavor at flying.

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