Widespread Robots Standardizes Shop floor Processes for Bajaj Auto


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Amid this session, Vikas Sawhney and Mr. Esben H. Østergaard likewise showcased a short video on how the UR co-bots altered the Bajaj shopfloor by streamlining and robotizing the procedures of creation crosswise over units.Esben H. Østergaard, organizer and CTO of Universal Robots, and Vikas Sawhney, GM, Engineering, from Bajaj Auto Ltd. showcased the capability of a co-bot through an intelligent session to exhibit how community oriented robots are expanding the proficiency of procedures on Bajaj's shopfloors. Since 2010, Bajaj Auto Ltd. has more than 100 Co-bots helping them drive their position as the world's third biggest bike maker. They are the main organization in India to actualize the utilization of communitarian robots in car mechanical production systems in India. 

On this event Vikas Sawhney, Bajaj General Manager Engineering (Robotics and Automation) said, "Bike mechanical production systems are very work serious, spatially tested which have physically burdening developments that require top of the line accuracy. While attempting to mechanize these lines, one of the essential necessities was for institutionalization. In addition, we likewise needed to be discerning of the necessities of the vast ladies workforce at Bajaj." 

Amid this session, Vikas Sawhney and Mr. Esben H. Østergaard likewise showcased a short video on how the UR co-bots upset the Bajaj shopfloor by streamlining and mechanizing the procedures of generation crosswise over units. 

Adding to this, Esben H. Østergaard, Founder and CTO of Universal Robots said, "We are extremely glad to catch wind of how our co-bots have dialed down procedures at Bajaj. Our co-bots were picked in view of their conservativeness, security and cost viability. This is an economical and reasonable choice for organizations like Bajaj whose workers now have the right instruments to do dull assignments with impeccable accuracy. The synergistic way of our co-bots will guarantee that their workers are radiating with grins toward the end of their day." 

General Robots (UR) was propelled in India on October 22, 2015 and is the main producer of cutting edge easy to understand and light mechanical automated arms from Denmark.

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