Why you should eat bananas every day


Banana has an extremely staunch fan taking after. The general population who go bananas over it guarantee that there is something about this organic product that never makes them felt burnt out on of having it. Regardless of the possibility that they continue eating banana consistently, it never exhausts them.

Maintaining Weight may cut costs for diabetics

Gently enhanced and generally seedless, banana is among the most beneficial snacks, simple to convey and less defenseless against pollution because of the common covering it has.

Like coconut tree, the banana plant's every last bit has a helpful presence.

Healthful advantages

As indicated by VIP nutritionist Sandhya Gugnani, "Bananas are stuffed with potassium, as well as great levels of vitamin C and magnesium. It is rich in vitamin B furthermore has follow minerals like iodine, iron, selenium and zinc. At the point when added to your day by day diet, bananas have a variety of advantages. They keep the heart solid, are useful for the gut and keep the bones solid. Truth be told, even the weight watchers can have a banana day by day, as it is exceptionally satisfying and forestalls sweet yearnings."

Fascinating actualities

– Banana utilized for cooking is called plantain.

– Bananas develop in no less than 107 nations.

– If you think wines are made with grapes and apples, you ought to realize that Banana wine and Banana lager are a standout amongst the most delightful tasting mixed drinks.

– Scarlet Banana, Blue Banana, Pink Banana, Snow Banana and False Banana are some of its fascinating assortments.

– Banana is actually radioactive and in reality 'banana proportionate measurements of radiation' is utilized as a part of measuring radioactivity.

– Banana's class name Musa is gotten from the name of Antonius Musa, the doctor of Emperor Augustus.

– The soonest authentic confirmation of Bananas has been found around 8000 BCE.


– While banana bloom, natural product, stem and trunk is utilized as nourishment, its leaves are utilized as a part of cooking as steam wraps and serving platters.

– Both yarn and paper can be produced using banana plant and the leaf is utilized as a part of making dispensable plates and bowls.

Some not all that basic uses of bananas

– Try banana peel as a shoe shine. Rub it on the shoes and wipe off with a spotless material.

– For a solid and sparkling mane, apply a blend of banana mash and yogurt.

– To counteract split heels, apply glue of banana blended with turmeric.

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