Why women should avoid wearing golden anklets in feet


Indian women have sixteen embellishments in Hinduism, which is famous in the whole world. Their importance in terms of traditions is so interesting. Who doesn’t like the sound of anklets? But do you know women can’t wear anklets made of gold in their feet. What is the reason behind it?

Recognize that the injunctions of gold jewelry are hot when left to the injunctions of silver is cool. According to Ayurveda, men’s head should be cool and feet warm. This is the reason why gold should wear on head and silver on feet and which will keep the head cool and feet warm. Adorning silver ornaments can prevent you from many diseases. By adorning silver anklets prevent you from kidney diseases, relieves pain and hysteria.

By adorning gold ornaments in head and feet produce more heat and can became you a patient.  Atharva Veda says that gold created or originated from fire which bestows eternity. One who adorns it is liberated from the fear of untimely death. By adorning silver anklets, the negative energies cannot enter a woman’s body easily.  Also it makes the bones stronger.