Why must travel together before marriage


You’ve been mutually with your partner for a while now, and you’re almost certain this is the person you want to use the rest of your life with. But you’re not positive about how you both would charge if you had to use every waking hour with the other. It is almost universally believed that living with your partner before marriage is the best determinant about your future, and about whether or not you should take the plunge, and tie the knot. However, living together before marriage in India is still seen with hostility and skepticism. So, the next best thing to do is to take a trip together. Travelling takes you to new places, satiates your desire to travel, makes you introspect about who you are, and more importantly, tells you all you need to know about whether your travel companion should be your attendant for the rest of your life or not.

You’re away from your comfort zone

In a different country or city, when you and your partner are away from your natural surroundings, a lot can be extrapolated by the way they respond in an unfamiliar environment. Notice little things, like how you both are with the people around you, or how easy it is for you and your partner to ask for help or directions, how fussy or accepting they are about different cultures, cuisines and so on. If they are soon going to be a part of a new family, with different beliefs and ideologies, you need to know how adaptive and accepting they are to anything that’s different from their comfort zone.

You get to know what their threshold for compromise is

Travelling together, especially to places completely unknown to both of you, can tell you a lot about how compromising you both are towards each other. Even the smallest of things, like sharing a bathroom and the ease with which you zero in on the activity for the day, can determine your level of compromise in the future. If your partner refuses to budge about the smallest things, or gives in way too easily without putting their point across, you should consider it a red flag.

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You’ll learn how you handle stress together

A missed flight, a bus breakdown, missing luggage, getting mugged in a foreign country, and so on are all incredibly stressful situations which can affect anyone without any notice. However, how one handles it is what determines your future together. If your partner breaks under pressure, plays the blame game, or ruins the rest of the trip because of one mishap, that’s a strike right there. When you’re together later in life you’ll be faced with far worse. More than your personality, your nerves need to find compatibility. If you both can handle travel stress together like pros, there’s no stopping you from being ‘married couple of the year’ later.

You can focus solely on each other

When you’re in your normal routine, especially if you don’t stay together, you spend most of the day apart. While on a trip, you have all the time in the world only for each other with little or no other obligations. You can learn a lot about your partner, like their sleep patterns, their dietary preferences, whether they snore or like to cuddle, how neat or messy they are, how much they talk, and more importantly how comfortable you both are with silence. If the little things they do annoy you, or after spending two days you’ve already exhausted all topics of conversation and are bored with them, you need some major reconsideration once you’re back.

You will truly know what it’s like being intimate together

Taking a trip together means a whole lot of opportunity for sex. But more important than your sexual rhythm and compatibility, is how comfortable you are with each other before and after it. Notice how comfortable you are being naked with each other without being conscious about your body, scars, messy hair, and so on. Even when you’re having sex, it’s important to note whether your partner is receptive to your body language or gestures. You should also notice how they respond to your crude and gross side – the one that burps, farts, has morning breath, and so on – and are comfortable with it or not.

Once you both have passed the travel test, you’re all set to tie a very well evaluated knot that will, in all probability, lead to a happy married life.

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