Why Masturbation Is A Taboo


When it comes to topics on the ‘taboo’ list, masturbation is usually somewhere near the top. Whether it’s from fear of religious consequences, shame or guilt, people are generally uncomfortable talking about the art of self pleasure and often deny doing it. The act itself is often attached to stigmas and negative feelings. Some people have even gone as far as to say it causes mental illness, but as more people become comfortable with their sexuality and talking openly about sex, the positives of masturbation are coming to light. According to a Planned Parenthood article, regular acts of self pleasure can reduce stress, provide a sexual outlet for people with out partners (which of course can help limit casual sex and the spread of diseases), induce sleep, strengthen pelvic muscle tone and even promote higher self esteem.

Now Don’t Blame Your Contraceptive Pills For Your Sex Drives

When I was more youthful I generally thought masturbation was a skeleton in the closet that would keep me out of paradise one day, yet as I developed and developed into my sexuality I found that it was something to be grasped not covered up. I'll discuss masturbation and sex by and large, with any individual who needs to talk about it, a little quality I got from my astounding close relative. In any case, sadly I know far an excessive number of developed ladies who can't discuss masturbation not to mention concede that they do it. Indeed, even as grown-ups a large number of them deliberately or intuitively convey the blame or disgrace of masturbation. I generally hear resonating "Ewww" or "I needn't bother with that, that is the thing that men are for" at whatever point I raise the theme, and even a few ladies I know beyond all doubt have no less than one vibrator will level out deny sharing in somewhat self delight. In any case, why?

What Mistakes Women Make In Bed

Personally, I see nothing wrong with a little self love from time to time and I keep a goodie box within close range of my bed to ensure that I get that QT time in with myself whenever the mood strikes.  Not only do I think it’s normal and nothing to be ashamed or feel guilty about, I think it’s a healthy way to get to know your own body (for sexual and health reasons) and definitely think it’s a healthy way to build a healthy sexual relationship with one’s significant other. I mean, if you don’t know what you like…how can you tell someone else, right?