Why is Rajasthan punishing honest officer


Sub-divisional justice Ramanand Sharma of Sikar locale was put on Awaiting Posting Orders (APO) on August 15. In an official statement, People's Union for Civil Liberties has said that as opposed to respecting a man who has been working with uprightness, the state has tried to rebuff him.Ex-SDM Sharma said he was under huge weight to give ecological leeway (EC) to mines, even before the District Environment Assessment Committee had presented its report after an examination. The examination was intended to evaluate the effect of mining in the catchment territory of the Rela Dam.

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The PUCL articulation said that explosives were recuperated from the region, and mining that was being finished by blasting explosives was bringing on natural harm to the catchment of area.Enormous weight was offered as a powerful influence for the authority to permit mining in spite of the ecological concerns, however he persevered, winning the fury of his political supervisors, PUCL asserted in an official statement on Monday.Local daily papers have been reporting this story widely.

The mining division in 2005 endorsed mining in 18 pattas in the region between the upper and lower Rela Dams. The general population of three towns from Neem Ka Thana had been challenging the mining subsequent to 2006, and numerous had even been arrested.MLA Prem Singh Bajor, neighborhood powers and police are all hand-in-glove in the supported infringement of all laws in the territory, PUCL said, looking for activity against the MLA for hindering the previous SDM from doing his duties.In its official statement, PUCL has looked for the reestablishment of Sharma and activity against the MLA.

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