Why Guys Are Afraid Of Commitment?


So, you've been seeing/dating/sleeping with/messaging a guy and he doesn't want to label things. While you don't need that kind of headache in your life, sometimes it's hard to understand why guys don't want to commit, and we can drive ourselves crazy replaying every possible scenario on how or why things went wrong. To hold you from heading down that heartbreakingly discouraging.  We are here to give you the top reasons why  guys are afraid of commitments .

1. He Still Wants to Play the Field

Once a person commits, he will lose the opportunity to date other ladies. Most folks attempt to clutch this open door the length of they can, particularly when they are not certain what they are searching for, which drives us to…

2. Young ladies Grow Up Faster Than Boys

"Committing" means "growing up" to some guys. What’s more, a considerable measure of us folks would prefer not to grow up, or we need to defer the way toward growing up as far as might be feasible. Responsibility is an indication of development, and some folks are basically excessively juvenile, making it impossible to commits, particularly in their twenties.

3. There's Someone Else

It's hard for a guy to commit to one woman if he's got others on his mind—imagine trying to commit if you had a couple of guys on your mind.

4. He's Got Other Priorities

In life, it's difficult to adjust love, family, work, and so on. On the off chance that there are things throughout his life that interest more consideration than his adoration life, he'll focus on the other stuff and manage love when he can.

5. He's Got Baggage

It's conceivable that he's had a terrible involvement with a past sweetheart, or he's an offspring of separation. Uncertain agony in his past can keep him from submitting.

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6. He's Afraid It Won't Work Out

Committing involves risk; you are essentially taking a plunge, and investing energy in the relationship. Some people feel that it's not worth a try unless it's 100% certain it will work out. But, you can never really be that sure of things, and that unknown keeps some people from committing.

7. None of His Friends Have Committed

In the event that you can get the primary person of his gathering of companions to submit, I compliment you. The greater part of us folks needs to submit in the long run, however we would prefer not to be the first, and there is admiration among folks for the last single person in the gathering.

8. He's Only in It for the Sex

Unfortunately, some folks are simply out to blast an entire bundle of ladies. For the most part, on the off chance that you have a premonition this is the situation, you are correct.

9. He's Not into You Enough to Commit

The vast majority of the reasons a person won't submit need to do with the person. Be that as it may, he may consider you to be a fun individual to date, yet never considered you somebody he'd focus on at last. It's difficult to swallow when this is the circumstance, however now and then it's anything but difficult to determine it in your psyche along these lines and proceed onward.

10. You're Pressuring Him Too Much to Commit

On the off chance that he's going to confer, let him go to that minute all alone. On the off chance that you keep on bringing it up, he may turn out to be intense and irritated at the entire considered it. You'd rather him go to the choice to submit actually all alone, and not on the grounds that he was compelled to do as such at any rate. Simply consider how you feel when somebody weights you to confer.

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