Why Aishwarya Rai’s sexy ad posters removed from a Malaysian store?


There is no denying that previous Miss World, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan summons incomparable fan taking after over the globe and Malaysia too is no special case to that. Notwithstanding, something happened that drove a watch store to expel blurbs of Aishwarya from their store. 

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All things considered, it didn't simply stop there. The watch store was later fined for showing "sexy" poster of Ash at their showroom. According to a report, enormous posters of Ash were shown at the watch store to pull in customers . Evidently, the watch brand being referred to is the one Aishwarya supports. In any case, the nearby gathering observed them to be excessively attractive, making it impossible to be shown in stores and that they would degenerate the brains of the adolescent. 

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In spite of the fact that the store administrator contended that the blurbs were given to them by the maker, the committee paid no regard to their solicitations and constrained them to evacuate the notices. Actually, the report recommends that the committee even fined them powerfully to display those Posters.