Why Aamir Khan Is Smoking Again


Performing artist Aamir Khan has started smoking once more, out of anxiety about his upcoming film Dangal. But he's unhappy about it and guarantees to give it up after the film discharges, reports news organization. Aamir, 51, just makes a film a year (sometimes two years) and almost always deals with pre-release nervousness by smoking. He smoked before PK in 2014, Dhoom: 3 in 2013 and Talaash in 2012. Presently, Aamir's lungs are suffering again in aid of his new film. "Yes, it has started again. I am stressed about the film. But I will give up after its release," Aamir told to a news agency. Dangal has almost a full month to go before it opens so Aamir is going to have to feel guilty about his cigarettes till December 23.

Furthermore, he is feeling terrible. "I am not happy that I am smoking again. I try not to smoke. But when my film is about to release I get nervous so I start smoking again but then I stop it as well. I don't think smoking has anything to do with acting," he told to a news agency. His famously fit colleague Akshay Kumar said on a recent episode of chat show Koffee With Karan that actors who don't smoke or drink will hold on to their stardom. Aamir also added a health warning. "Due to smoking health will be affected. I tell everyone not to smoke and even I try not to smoke," he said.

Dangal, one of 2016's most-anticipated motion pictures, is a games biopic in which Aamir Khan plays wrestler Mahavir Singh Phogat who prepares his little girls Geeta and Babita in his game. To play Mahavir Phogat as a more seasoned man, Aamir put on 25 kilos. He then lost the weight for scenes including Mr Phogat as a youthful wrestler. Aamir's fantastic change from the moderately aged flabby Mahavir Phogat to the fit young fellow has been chronicled in a video discharged two days back that has since turned into a web sensation.

In the mean time, Aamir has been naturally discretionary when requested that remark on Prime Minister Narendra Modi's coin boycott and a notice featuring Ranveer Singh that was as of late pulled for being "sexist." At the genuine Geeta Phogat's wedding in Haryana on November 20, Aamir said he would not like to remark on the cash boycott. He said that wedding arrangements (in which he assumed a noteworthy part) had been no issue since he made all installments with check.

Gotten some information about Ranveer's advertisement, Aamir asserted numbness. "I don't think about the promotion. I haven't seen the promotion. What promotion is it," he said, reported a agency. A week ago, bulletin for an apparel mark publicized by Ranveer Singh were evacuated after broad feedback.

Aamir Khan said that he trusted the cash boycott would not influence Dangal's film industry sums. "I trust it doesn't influence our film. I think things are gradually returning to ordinary. I think Rock On 2 got influenced in light of the fact that it had discharged comfortable time, But I trust Dear Zindagi is doing great. Ideally, I think it won't influence our film," he said.

Dangal, coordinated by Nitesh Tiwari, co-stars Sakshi Tanwar as Mahavir Phogat's significant other Daya. Performers Fatima Sana Shaikh and Sanya Malhotra play Geeta and Babita.