‘Whole World Is at War Trying to Destroy Marriage’, says Pope Francis


Amid his Saturday gathering of people with clerics and religious in the Democratic Republic of Georgia, Pope Francis said sexual orientation hypothesis is “an awesome foe of marriage today.” Also, as per the Pope’s comments, he assist said, “today the entire world is at war attempting to annihilate marriage.” Pope Francis included that this war is not being battled with arms “but rather with thoughts,” and there are “certain philosophies that pulverize marriage.”

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“So we have to safeguard ourselves from ideological colonization,” he underscored. The Pope later illuminated his comments on an in-flight question and answer session from Azerbaijan when a journalist asked what he would say to somebody who “has battled with their sexuality for quite a long time and feels that there is genuinely an issue of science that his angle doesn’t compare to what he or she feels is their sexual character.”

Pope Francis said that,as “a cleric and diocesan, even as Pope, I have went with individuals with gay person propensities, I have additionally met gay person people, went with them, conveyed them nearer to the Lord, as a messenger, and I have never deserted them.”

The Pope recounted an account of how a Catholic father let him know that once when he was conversing with his kids, he asked his 10-year-old child what he needed to be the point at which he grew up and his child answered, “a young lady.”

The father understood his child was being shown sex hypothesis in school. “This is against the regular things,” the Pope said. “One thing is that a man has this propensity, this condition, and even changes their sex, however it’s something else to show this in line in schools so as to change the mindset. This is the thing that I call ideological colonization.”

Pope Francis stressed that “life will be life and things must be out of this world. Sin will be sin. What’s more, inclinations or hormonal irregular characteristics have numerous issues and we should be mindful so as not to say that everything is the same.” He included that he was not saying to “go party” with somebody battling with this issue yet that he takes every case and acknowledges it, goes with it, thinks about it, and perceives and coordinates it.

“This is the thing that Jesus would do today!” he said, and included, “Kindly don’t say: ‘the Pope blesses transgenders.’ Please, eh! Since I see the fronts of the papers. Is there any uncertainty regarding what I said? I need to be clear! It’s an ethical issue. It’s a human issue and it must be determined – dependably can be with the benevolence of God.”

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