White House says Barack Obama found Donald Trump tape ‘repugnant’


The President's remarks come after the Republican hopeful propelled a Twitter assault all alone party.Barack Obama marked Donald Trump "offensive" after the break of a video which indicated him bragging about grabbing ladies. 

Why gloating over the surgical strikes will not do any good

White House representative Josh Earnest said there was wide assention that Mr Trump's remarks on the recording "constituted rape". 

He said the President found the tape "as repulsive as most Americans did". 

His remarks about the 2005 occurrence came hours after the Republican applicant unleashed a Twitter assault all alone gathering individuals and as campaigners approached the producers of the US variant of The Apprentice to discharge more footage supposed to show Mr Trump making hostile remarks.Civil rights legal counselor Gloria Allred – a Hillary Clinton supporter – was joined at MGM's workplaces by ladies' gatherings, where she said it was in "the general population intrigue" that the tapes be unveiled "instantly, unless there is a lawful restriction to doing as such". 

Reeling after various Republican rebellions taking after the arrival of the Access Hollywood tape, Mr Trump called House Speaker and gathering partner Paul Ryan an "extremely frail and inadequate" pioneer who was putting forth "zero backing" for his campaign.He later tweeted to say he was satisfied "the shackles have been taken off me and I can now battle for America the way I need to", including: "Unfaithful Rs are significantly more troublesome than Crooked Hillary. They come at you from all sides. They don't know how to win – I will educate them!"Mr Ryan reacted to the agrees by asking Mr Trump to invest more energy attempting to thrashing Democrats than battling kindred Republicans. 

At a rally in Florida, Mr Trump commended Wikileaks for discharging hacked Clinton battle archives, asserting they demonstrated his rival "is the vessel (of) a degenerate worldwide foundation that is striking our nation and surrendering the power of our country". 

In a drifting discourse in Panama City, the investor at one phase encouraged his supporters to get out and vote on 28 November – the wrong date. He utilized the right date (8 November) later in his address.Mrs Clinton's crusade executive John Podesta said the FBI was researching the "criminal" hack of his messages. 

He additionally guaranteed Russia was in charge of the hack and could plot with the Trump crusade. 

Taking after the arrival of the video, Mr Trump at first said he was sad "in the event that anybody was insulted" by the "locker room banter".In the clasp, he boasts about ladies giving him a chance to kiss and grab them since he is well known, saying "when you're a star they let you do it". 

He proceeds with: "Snatch them by the p****. You can do anything." 

An all the more frank expression of remorse saying he lamented the occurrence was issued after a kickback which saw party associates betray him.

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